tiistai, 25. kesäkuu 2019

It's so cool to have a shoulder strap

Summer is just around the corner, and even the smallest bags are

stuffy on your body. Handbags can always save your hot body from

all kinds of witty wide shoulder straps, steady temperament handbags and basic

equipment. However, witty people find that shoulder straps or handles are never

good backpacks in the eyes of fashionable circles, concave Silhouette always regards

them as accessory, and handbags are just free and easy. Whether your

bag is an envelope or a handbag, now you can remove the

shoulder strap or handle of your purse if it's inconvenient. Disassembly or

Fastening, you can also learn directly from the fashionable elite at any

time, how to take all kinds of handbags in their natural hands,

handbags are ever-changing, not just in one form, as long as you

hold the handbag in place, fashionable elite immediately attach handbags.

tiistai, 18. kesäkuu 2019

How to Choose the Right Silk Scarf According to Age

In this bright spring season, the most attractive of course is the

Silk Scarf - silk scarf is a must choice for spring fashion,

can be tied in the collar, can also do headdress or decoration,

with clothes and bags; outing can also be sunscreen and cold that

kind of silk scarf is creative and beautiful, in fact, silk scarf,

role and age is the decisive factor in our selection of silk

scarf Groups: Most of the post-90s people are eccentric, think jumping, and

have a bit of literary and artistic orientation. In pursuit of the

latest in fashion, Ssilk scarves are very suitable - fashion, witty, can

be matched with Shirt, blouse, can also be used as hair bands,

decorative bags, youthful breath coming to the front. The dominant group: the

post-80s do not want to fall in love with the city, but

now the post-80s, although the heart does not admit that the years

have gradually passed away. With a little purity and art, such a

big scarf advocating Vintage and fashion is elegant and connotative. R, or

tied in the neck, or as a headscarf, throw one's hands and

feet, elegance like this ripple open the dominant crowd: 60 after the

beauty has never been related to age, 80 years old can still

be elegant wise 60 after the mothers choose scarves, although not necessarily

Oriental Ted purple, but colorful is a necessary Vintage style of painting,

with simple cold Colour tune clothes, but again suitable. Not exaggerated and

can not be ignored, the temperament is prominent, let people see a

bright warm reminder: reading is a growth, reprinting is a wisdom, sharing

is a virtue, give people roses, hand fragrance, wisdom you know how

to share, help more friends grow

maanantai, 17. kesäkuu 2019

A Father's Day gift from Dunhill Dengxilu

Father's Day is approaching, and the time to choose a suitable gift

for a respectable father is approaching. Dunhill has prepared a list of

gifts for men who love life and appreciate the good things: Dunhill's

iconic cross-mesh pattern, Engine Turn pattern, which has been boldly inspired by

Deadstock's collection of small leather products. Originating from the era of decorative

art Art Deco Design, dunhill uses Cadogan Engine Turn Collection wallet and

clip made of Kip Skin, and uses the color Bright geometry printing

to highlight the logo of the logo design pattern. The modern classic

perfume bottle body also adopts the machine pattern , complex manly and

delicate fragrance, which is designed for elegant taste. Design Manufacture writing tool

Sentryman Collection ballpoint pen for men adopts Twist rotation mechanism, Stretch clip,

palladium-plated yellow Cupro pen body and other design features. The top of

the pen cap is decorated with classic AD Vintage logo. Simple and

masculine men's jewelry classic style Sleeve buckle. Design inspiration comes from the

famous Dunhill machine-engraved diamond pattern, with elegant and smooth Silver. Rgent platinum-plated

finish adds calmness and elegance to Dunhill Avorities Collection

sunnuntai, 16. kesäkuu 2019

Wilsas | Star Trek is said to be the best fit for these fairies

Spring water, spring forest, spring breeze, ten miles, it's better that you

- VA3897 in the entertainment industry stars are typing out a draft

with fairy air and so on. Do you want to follow a

fresh one to create a fairy Silhouette, when your hardware is not

enough, you have to spend more time on Silhouette to come up

with a silhouette full of pills, a thin yarn. Long skirt, a

super-germinating bag, instantly delimit you with a lot of ordinary people pink

is the most able to create a girl's sense of Color, this

spring Liu Yifei, Zhao Liying, Liu Shishi and other actresses have appeared

in pink skirts, immediately ushered in a group of fans licking the

screen, after all, pink in shaping a little fresh and girl's temperament

when the effect is incomparable with other colors, even if not all

the body pink, but At least you can use a pink bag

to cater to your own VSVELSUS Travel Collection. The VHakka Star Crossing

will be sold all over the planet. The urban fashion industry will

not arouse their amazement and wonder. It's not Emergence/im Dg Ns/. It's

a fantastic family. It's also a group of interesting and lovely stars

201. 9 wide shoulder strap is already a fashion element that can

not be ignored. There is no wide shoulder strap bag. It seems

that it is out of touch with fashion. It is matched with

fashionable wide shoulder strap. Appropriate second change fashion star VSVELSUS classic barrel

bag and the alliance of VHakka family. Perform two embryonic Star Dialogue

fairy's sprout bag and bring one to meet the God of man.

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