Father's Day is approaching, and the time to choose a suitable gift

for a respectable father is approaching. Dunhill has prepared a list of

gifts for men who love life and appreciate the good things: Dunhill's

iconic cross-mesh pattern, Engine Turn pattern, which has been boldly inspired by

Deadstock's collection of small leather products. Originating from the era of decorative

art Art Deco Design, dunhill uses Cadogan Engine Turn Collection wallet and

clip made of Kip Skin, and uses the color Bright geometry printing

to highlight the logo of the logo design pattern. The modern classic

perfume bottle body also adopts the machine pattern , complex manly and

delicate fragrance, which is designed for elegant taste. Design Manufacture writing tool

Sentryman Collection ballpoint pen for men adopts Twist rotation mechanism, Stretch clip,

palladium-plated yellow Cupro pen body and other design features. The top of

the pen cap is decorated with classic AD Vintage logo. Simple and

masculine men's jewelry classic style Sleeve buckle. Design inspiration comes from the

famous Dunhill machine-engraved diamond pattern, with elegant and smooth Silver. Rgent platinum-plated

finish adds calmness and elegance to Dunhill Avorities Collection